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  • Assembled by hand in U.S.A.

  • Ultra Premium K87 Capsule

  • Custom Made SER T-13 Transformer

  • 100% Replica Circuit (87i)

  • Cardioid, Figure 8 and Omnidirectional patterns

  • Low-cut and Pad switches

  • Threaded Shock Mount (like the original)

  • Free customization of darker or brighter top-end. (Some vintage U87s are a little darker and this can be accommodated)

      We accept returns within 14 days            after product delivery.

Ultra-premium sounD quality

Seawell Studios
review of the serrano 87

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TAPE op magazine
review of the serrano 87

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Genuine-CLASS capsule

second to NONE

The importance of capsule quality cannot be overstated. We wanted to find a capsule with that "magic wow" sound quality that we have only found in a genuine K87 capsule. Each capsule in the Serrano 87 is an exact K87 replica of the finest quality. Our capsule offers exquisite tonal richness and harmonic depth that truly matches the same sound quality of a genuine K87. You will hear the difference!

The Serrano 87 circuit was designed using the genuine vintage 87i schematic. It features the original 2N3819 FET amplifier, properly biased to original specifications. No compromises have been made.​


The SER-T13 transformer in the Serrano 87 simply sounds gorgeous. It was designed after the genuine BV-13 transformer found in the U87i.  Each one is custom made in the USA specifically for the Serrano 87.


Replica Circuit (87i)

with custom made

Ser-t13 transformer