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The all-new Serrano Vintage 84. . .

...a replica of the highly coveted vintage Neumann KM84 + extras! 

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Legendary KM84 Circuitry

  • Hand-Built in North Carolina, USA

  • 100% Replica Circuit (KM84)

  • Custom Made Interchangeable Capsules (3)

  • Capsules: Vintage (dark) Cardioid, Modern (presence) Cardioid, and Omnidirectional

  • BV-107 Replica Transformer by Cinemag, USA

  • Custom 4pf Styroflex (Polystyrene) Capacitor (C2)

  • Handcrafted Wooden Box

Returns accepted within 14 days after product delivery.

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Custom-made Interchangeable capsules



The Serrano 84 Vintage (dark) Capsule perfectly delivers that full and warm sound that so many small diaphragm condensers fail to achieve. With the Vintage Capsule, the Serrano 84 replicates closely the Vintage Neumann KM84.


The Modern (presence) Capsule for the Serrano 84 addresses several issues often found when recording. Too much low-end or not enough top-end can make a recording sound dull. Many times we need a particular instrument to just cut through the mix and shine. But the earlier in the recording chain we can achieve this, the better sound we will get. The Serrano 84 Modern Capsule works to solve this problem. It reduces some of the low end that often crowds our mixes while also gracefully boosts the presence frequencies beyond 2kHz, without sounding harsh. The Modern capsule is perfect for sources you want to bring out in a mix. You could even say it's tailor made for acoustic guitar!

Omnidirectional recording has its place in the tools of the world's best recording engineers. Recording in omni can sometimes create an atmosphere and sound that is unique and special! The Serrano 84 Omnidirectional Capsule sounds just as beautiful a the vintage Neumann KK83 Omnidirectional capsule.

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of the serrano 84

Sold in singles and in matched pairs

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