Serrano Audio was started out of earnest desire to make the best sounding replica gear that truly matches 100% of the sound quality of the originals. Although our products are affordable, the price of the best components was not a factor in our decision making. We take every step to ensure that Serrano Audio products offer you the highest quality sound possible and we believe that they cannot be modified or upgraded to sound "better." 

The inspiration behind selecting an 87 replica as our first product came from our long-held admiration with this legendary microphone. We believe the Serrano 87 sets an all new level of sound quality in vintage U87 replicas.

The Serrano 87 comes with a one year limited warranty. Our warranty cover faults of our own. We further offer standard circuit repairs for $75, and capsule repairs for $195.   


Serrano Audio was founded by:

Carlos Serrano holds a degree in Audio Production from SAE Institute, London, UK. He's been an active professional musician and recording engineer for over 20 years. Carlos's interest in building gear started 10 years ago after becoming determined to achieve affordable, second to none, sound quality in his home studio.

Aaron Meltzer holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from University of South Florida. Aaron is a long-time guitar player with a passion for electronics and entrepreneurship.